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    Hello all!
    CSTA has been founded very recently, and our website is going launching today! We are working to add features, content and events but would like to hear your feedback and suggestions to better serve the community.

    Please be sure to tell us your goals in trading, as well as what type of events, content or feature you’d like to see here at the CSTA. It’ll help the CSTA Staff better serve you!

    In particular, we’d love to hear the type of events you’d like to be hosted either by our Calgary Meetup Group, or online in our CSTA Chat Room!

    Look forward to hearing from you!




    Had a good meetup Sunday. Deb got to see her friend at the coffee shop while i was with the group. We could have someone do a group presentation of a trading idea, program or website or other service they use. We would need a room with TV to laptop connection for this.

    I am long gold and euro futures now now. Took 2 small losses this afternoon but mostly made up in the evening trading. These trades are very short duration and may end soon.
    Canadian markets closed today. US open.



    Awesome to hear! I also believe our first meetup turned out great. I’m looking at venues for our next meetup. I found us a room, but it’s a $420 booking fee. That’d be $21 per person for 20 people, or $14 for 30 people. It’s a proper classroom with wifi and projector, desks etc at a university. But I’m not entirely sure if $14 to $20 bucks is something people would be willing to pay. I’m searching for a cheaper option and will post it at the meetup group to see what type of interest we have here shortly.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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