The Canadian Stock Trading Academy (CSTA) is a community open to anyone interested in part time or full time short-term stock trading. The primary mission of the group is to get traders or aspiring traders to share their knowledge and experiences in trading. The group encourages both informal group learning as well as more formal teaching and knowledge sharing on a volunteer basis.

The CSTA aims to be both an online platform (through our website) as well as arranging for local meetups in Calgary through our Meetup.com group. Members have the freedom to participate online or locally or both. There is no fee to join the Meetup Group and joining is completely free. Any contributions are however welcome towards the monthly Meetup service fees and local event fees, such as booking of boardrooms/meeting rooms. Such events will require members to pay a small fee to participate in that particular event to cover the room booking if such a room is booked. We encourage a fun and educational environment for all levels of trading proficiency, and all are welcome to learn and teach others. If you are interested to help add content to the group, organize events, and help develop the site please contact one of our Staff Members.

The primary structure of the group consists in regular trade picks and trade reviews, discussions on the forums, and discussions on trading patterns, methods, principles as well as tools of the trade such as discount brokerages, trading platforms, charting software etc. The group will also organize regular local meetups in Calgary, ranging from simple meet and greets over coffee to discuss trading and meet fellow traders, to structured workshops and group trading events and seminars held by volunteer organizers and third party seminars. CSTA members also meet in our online chat room for live events and trading discussions.

Here is an overview of the CSTA’s main features:

Blog – This is where CSTA Staff and contributors post the latest news, announcements and trading articles.

About – Provides an introduction and overview of CSTA

Library – A collection of resources for traders, including a the CSTA’s Beginner’s Guide, links to educational material such as useful websites, videos and books.

Meetup Group – The Calgary Branch of the CSTA Meetup Group. The group meets regularly in Calgary to meet fellow traders, engage in discussion about trading and participates in group seminars and workshops.

Forums – The membership engages in trading related discussions in our dedicated forum section of the website.

Chat Room – This is where live chat events are hosted by the CSTA, including general chat, trading discussions, online seminars and webinars, and live trading during market hours.

Events Calendar – A calendar where all online and local CSTA events are listed.