Successful Traders Spotlight: Kyle Dennis from

Kyle Dennis is a 27 year old multi-millionaire stock trader. He graudated from UCLA and landed a job that was paying him $35,000 a year. He started trading part time and was student of Jason Bond. The first year he made $37,000, second year he made $55,000. Once his trading profits exceeded his regular job salary in 2015, he quit his job and started trading full time. In 2015 he made $850,000, in 2016 he made $1.1MM, and in 2017 he is up $952,000. Kyle started with a $15,000 portfolio and is about to break $3MM in trading profits. Kyle is the type of trader we all aspire to become. He is a very intelligent individual, of friendly demeanour and a great teacher. Kyle started his own service teaching stocks in October 2016. He specializes in biotech stocks, and has two primary trading strategies. 1-4 week swing trades and fast moving momentum stocks that he holds 1-3 days.

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