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Jason Bond is a multi-millionaire stock trader who left his career as a New York Public School teacher after 10 years, taught himself trading and has been teaching trading to others for the past 5+ years. Jason is a small cap trader (market cap under 2 billion, stock prices under $10). His strategy revolves around short term swing trading (typically 1-4 day holds) to capture stock price moves for a 5-20% profit in 1-4 days. He primarily trades 3 patterns which he teaches. He also trades momentum stocks especially during poor market conditions and likes to trade Fibonacci Retracement plays.

Jason is a very energetic individual who loves trading and helping others improve their trading. He starts with $100,000 every year. He is up +125% or $125,000 in 2017, he was +330% or +$330,000 in 2016 and +155% or +$145,00 in 2015.

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Jason’s 7 Step Swing Trading Strategy

Jason’s Oversold Chart Pattern

Jason’s Continuation Pattern

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